The Volunteer Computing Middleware


XtremWeb-CH (XWCH) is a volunteer computing middleware that can easily deploy and execute parallel and distributed applications on a public-resource computing infrastructure. Universities, research centres, and private companies can create their own XWCH platforms while anonymous PC owners can participate in these platforms.

The XtremWeb-CH project aims at building an effective Peer-To-Peer system for CPU high performance applications. The main idea is to build a completely symmetric model where nodes are simultaneously providers and consumers. Communications between compute nodes (workers) can take place directly. Workers are not dedicated to computing and they are also often behind network firewalls that do not allow incoming network connections.

Initially, XWCH was an upgraded version of the Volunteer Computing environment XtremWeb. Major improvements have been brought in order to obtain a reliable and efficient system. The software's architecture was completely redesigned. New modules were added in order to enrich the system by new functionalities.